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Three things we love to talk about here at HelloGiggles: Hilary Duff, how celebrities dress, and, as you’ve maybe noticed, witches. Now that we’ve found the rare intersection of these three things, we can basically be done with the work week, go home, and be amazed at how clear our skin is and how much our crops are flourishing. (Luckily, it’s Friday, so we probably won’t even get in trouble for doing this.

Hilary Duff stepped out in an amazing, rich yellow dress — the perfect shade for fall. And something about the way she paired this midi-length bohemian frock with tall, brown boots is kinda magical. And not just because it’s #stylegoals as hell, but also because she kinda looks like the village witch, y’know?

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We OBVIOUSLY mean this in the best way imaginable. She just looks so cool, bohemian, and carefree, we can easily imagine her strolling through the woods like the underbrush is her runway, picking up herbs and fungi and other odds and ends to mix into her potion.

Credit: BG005, Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

Clearly, though, not a woodland witch! Hilary is a witch of the 21st century, as she’s traveling with her laptop, and a Louis Vuitton purse decked out with some fun and funky patches. But it also looks like her nail polish is black, so there’s a bit of the classic in her ~witchy~ style portfolio.

Credit: BG005, Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

Have we mentioned we’re obsessed with her bag? Because we’re obsessed with her bag. We imagine it works like Aggie’s from Halloweentown — she can just keep pulling whatever she needs out of it. (That’s why she’s carrying the laptop: she doesn’t want to lose it in her endless bag. CLEARLY.)

Credit: BG005, Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

We have an equal amount of admiration for Hilary’s amazing heeled boots and her biceps. Girl, if you see this, we’re dying to know your arm day routine.

Look out, Sabrina. There’s a new stylish sister goddess in town.