Olivia Harvey
April 05, 2017 12:33 pm

As one of the earliest, most beloved (and equally hated) trend of the 21st century, Ugg boots are etched in our fashion history whether we like it or not. It’s not worth denying the fact that you ever owned a pair, because most of us did, or still do! And if Hilary Duff isn’t afraid to rock her Uggs in public, then we shouldn’t be either. In fact, we might actually be witnessing the resurgence of the Ugg as it’s happening!

Duff was spotted in New York yesterday wearing the easily identifiable Ugg Classic Short in Chestnut ($130). She rolled down the top to create that cute fuzzy cuff only the fashionistas sported back in the day.

Getty Images / Raymond Hall

Seeing Duff wear her Uggs made us think of our own pair collecting dust in the closet. We remember wearing them on snowy days, and how they kept our toes toasty despite the nip in the air. We loved our Uggs and were kind of devastated when they became uncool.

But maybe, just maybe, Hilary Duff is re-starting the Ugg boot revolution.

Getty Images / Raymond Hall

If those plastic tattoo chokers from the ’90s are allowed to make a comeback, we think Ugg boots deserve their chance! They never failed us when they were “in vogue” — and like, they were literally in Vogue in 2015. They’ve tried to make it back into the mainstream, and we say, let them!

Getty Images / Raymond Hall

If they’re good in Hilary Duff’s fashion book, then Ugg boots are definitely good in ours too. We’re going to dig ours out from under the bed and prepare for their revival. Vive la Ugg révolution!