There are trends that we see coming, and then there are those that seemingly hit us from left field. You know the ones; unexpected and slightly odd, but so totally fun.

Fashion has to evolve to stay relevant, so we always love seeing the new ways designers and trendsetters mix and match styles. And while we may not have access to getting our hands on these pieces, we can at least watch and covet celebrities who do.

Credit: strid Stawiarz / Stringer/ Getty

At first glance, the eggshell blazer looks like a totally normal blazer with lapels and a plunging neckline. But at second glance, you see that there’s a standout detail that will be inspiring our own workwear — the blazer features a corset. We’re not sure who thought of this look, but either way, we’re here for it. The blazer even appears to have boning for a realistic-looking corset silhouette.

But since Hilary played the look down, it looks less Victorian and more femme fatale.

Credit: Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer/ Getty

By styling the the unusual piece with high-waisted blue jeans and bright blue pumps, Hilary makes the look into a statement. We love the idea of wearing this piece with boyfriend jeans and some heeled boots for some high-meets-low vibes that will take you from the office to happy hour in no time.

Hilary Duff’s piece maybe unexpected, but we’re glad it’s inspiring our aesthetic in a new way!