The energy from Monday’s Met Gala is still going strong, leaving us reeling over details that we may have overlooked on the day of — like who was with who, wearing what?! Selena Gomez is one person who’s helping keep this energy alive. Not only did the actress/singer/producer and her boo The Weeknd have their first ~official~ red carpet appearance together, but Selena’s outfit had a detail we can’t get over.

Selena showed up to the Gala wearing a pale pink slip dress dress embellished with flowers. She also had a matching Coach bag to pull the look together.

Selena looks striking in this simple gown, and with her bold makeup, she still makes a statement. But that’s not the coolest part of Selena’s Met Gala ensemble. If you look at the bottom of the Coach bag she’s carrying, you’ll see the phrase “love yourself first.”

If you’re a Selena Gomez fan, then you’ll know she has the Arabic translation of this tattooed on her back, and that she’s a spokeswoman for Coach. A fashion match made in heaven!

The best part is that you could see Selena’s tattoo on the right side of her back while she was wearing this dress. The ink may be small and subtle, but it’s pretty cool when you notice it. We love how this tattoo looks — but even more than that, we love the message it sends.

We think Selena looked stellar, and we love this sweet nod to loving yourself first.