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Since Halloween tragically fell on a Monday this year, most of the elaborate pageantry happened at parties over the weekend, which means we can already skim pictures of our favorite celebrity makeup artist’s Halloween costumes. The cosmetic masterminds behind some of the most polished famous people unsurprisingly did not skimp out when it came to dressing spooky for Halloween, after all, this is the ideal holiday for people gifted at hair and makeup.

It’s difficult to decide who our favorite makeup artists are when there are so many, let alone which costumes were the most original or detailed! Against all odds, we managed to narrow it down to a handful of our favorite costumes from celebrity stylists.

Jen Atkin (hairstylist for the Kardashian sisters, Sofia Vergara, and Katy Perry)

The celebrity hairstylist Atkin doubled up on her costume duties this year, channeling Grease for Perry’s birthday party then later going for what appears to be ’80s cartoon character She-Ra. We’re dying to see the entire outfit.

Riawni Capri (hairstylist from Nine Zero Salon)

The hair-master Capri stuck to the Halloween classics in her full skeleton makeup, and the photos on her Instagram prove she was surrounded by an army of likeminded skeletons.

Priscilla Ono (makeup artist for Amber Rose)

Proving that her work ethic won’t even rest on holidays, Ono sported two costumes during the course of Halloween weekend. As seen above, one of her costumes was a fabulous call-back to Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, the other was an ornate “Rococo Goth” outfit.

This is why she’s a professional.

Pati Dubroff (makeup artist for Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron0

The celebrity fave Dubroff kept it current by dressing up as a Harley Quinn, but more towards the character’s look in the comics instead of Suicide Squad. Her neck piece is ideal.

Beau Nelson (makeup artist for Nicole Ritchie and Kristen Stewart)

His eyes look like gorgeous deep flames of hell, so it only makes sense that he met a snake on Halloween.

Adir Abergel (makeup artist for Maria Sharapova0

The talented Abergel flaunted his next level contouring abilities when he attended a Just Jared party as the powerful and vindictive Malificent.

Seeing all the creative and well-execute costumes from our favorite celebrity makeup artists reminds us why there’s a whole professional behind makeup and costuming, it’s truly an art!