zendaya over the shoulder
Credit: Getty Images / Andrew Toth

The multitalented actress, model, and singer, Zendaya, is about to drop a fashion line on us and we need to get ready. The queen herself confirmed the launch during New York Fashion Week in September and we’ve been antsy ever since, lying in wait for the chance to purchase ASAP.

Zendaya is no stranger to fashion design. Last year she launched Daya with her stylist Law Roach, an affordable footwear line aimed at women, (and men, as she told Refinery 29), who desire to feel like they’re not just wearing a “look for less” shoe.

She teased us via her @DayabyZendaya Instagram page that she’s been playing around in the fashion world, even linking us to the Daya by Zendaya website where fans can sign up for email updates when Zendaya is “ready to talk about it.”

Ugh! But we want to know now!

But finally our girl broke her silence via Instagram and posted this killer trailer for her fashion line. We’re seeing leather, jumpsuits, velvet, bomber jackets, WHITE LACE-UP PANTS.

Check out the video while we catch our breath.

We’re not the only ones freaking out about the new line. Fans have been very vocal in the comments on the video post on Zendaya’s personal Instagram and on the video posted on the Daya by Zendaya Instagram.

“TAKE MY MONEY,” one fan cried as they dug all available cash out of their pocket and threw it at their phone screen:

Credit: Daya by Zendaya /

“SLAY MEEEEEEEE,” this fan proceeded to faint after catching a glimpse of those WHITE LACE-UP PANTS:

Credit: Daya by Zendaya /

“This is so lit,” olivia.lauren.xx didn’t get the memo that it was “all caps or nothing,” but we appreciate the emoji use.

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The preview totally lines up with the sneak peek Zendaya gave us six weeks ago when she posted this photo on Instagram. She’s dressed in a velvet power suit and captioned the photo, “Sidenote: I’m in Daya by Zendaya head to toe.”

We cannot wait for this line to arrive in stores. Zendaya, if you’re reading this, please spare us the waiting game and give us what we so desire! Xoxo, you’re humble serfs.