Stephanie Hallett
March 17, 2017 1:57 pm

It’s time for a round of Would You Rather: Denim Edition! This week’s question: Would you rather wear these distressed sequin Topshop jeans, or the brand’s “clear knee mom jeans,” which went viral earlier this week?

It’s a toughie, we know!

In all seriousness though, Topshop has been on a roll with its outrageous denim lately. Things seemed fine at first when the brand released its spring denim collection — packed with high-waisted, distressed styles, but nothing particularly outlandish. But then there were “clear knee mom jeans,” and jeans with a tulle tutu around the ankle, and another pair with a totally unnecessary tulle skirt overlay.

And now there’s this delightful, but somewhat confusing, pair of trousers.

The “shimmering sequin Hayden jeans” are available now for $125, and they come complete with glittering, sequined front panels and plenty of rips and tears. They’re also cropped above the ankle and cut a little loose, so you’re sure to stay cool in these babies all spring and summer long.


Here are the “clear knee mom jeans,” in case you need a refresher.

And here’s a bonus option! If you’re looking for a sequined pant that’s a little more mermaid, fish scale-inspired, Topshop is also offering these limited edition “sequin ripped mom jeans,” so there’s really something for everyone.


Très chic, indeed. Get them here for $125.

So gals? What have we decided? Is it going to be plastic-paneled mom jeans, or distressed sequins for spring? Whatever you choose, we’re happy to have shared this unique online shopping experience with you. Clearly novelty denim is in for 2017!