Patrice J. Williams
October 23, 2017 2:10 pm

“In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” We all remember that Mean Girls quote about Halloween lingerie costumes, right?

But let’s clarify a few things.

1. We don’t call girls or women sluts, ever.

2. You can wear whatever you want without judgement, even if it’s not October 31st.

Halloween is a literal free for all. You can be whatever and whomever you want, and people just have to go with it. Maybe you want to flex your creativity and throw together a last-minute DIY costume or opt for a pre-packaged pop culture getup. Seriously, you can wear just about anything (as long as it doesn’t involve racially insensitive or appropriative themes).

However, if you specifically want to amp up the sex appeal on a night when everyone else is dressed as scary goblins and ghouls, we’re totally here for that. From corsets to garter belts to lacy lingerie, these costumes will turn heads. Whether you wear them to a Halloween party or at home for some one-on-one time, these 15 Halloween costumes have you covered.

1Kick some ass and feel confident all the while.

AMI Clubwear

4 Pc. Hooded Boxing Girl, AMI Clubwear, $20

2Leopard is a neutral, so wear this under or over any kitty-inspired look.


3This sheer robe makes any costume look sultry.

Forever 21

Oh La La Cheri Mesh Robe, Forever 21, $48

4No flags on the field when you’re the ref.

3 Wishes

Sexy Referee Costume, 3 Wishes, $45

5Rascally rabbit.


Sexy Play Bunny, AMIClubwear, $40

6Throw on your fave baggy jeans and let the band of these undies show. Straight ’90s feel!


7Under the sea!


8You’re not a basic kitty. You’re a luxe leopard.


Sexy Leopard 2-Piece Costume, AMIClubwear, $55

9With a faux leather bustier, your costume options are limitless.


10Game day has never been hotter.


11Every superhero needs a bit of lace.


12You’re the boss, so you make the rules.

3 Wishes

13The baddest to the bone.

Frederick's of Hollywood

Bad to the Bone Costume, Frederick’s of Hollywood, $30