Hailey Baldwin with braids
Credit: Getty Images / Rabbani and Solimene Photography

Gasp! Hailey Baldwin was out in public without pants? Well, not exactly. Hailey Baldwin wore a distressed off-the-shoulder sweater that, at first glance, appeared as if the model forgot her pants at home. The “no pants” look is the new trend that would absolutely cause your mother to tell you to change before leaving the house. But mom! All the celebrities are doing it! Rihanna’s been kicking around in oversized sweatshirts. Everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been opting out of putting on pants in the morning. And Ariana Grande hasn’t been seen in full-length pants for, well, ever!

And now Baldwin has kicked her pants to curb and we’re totally buying what she’s selling with the outfit below. The model was out and about in Los Angeles last night in a distressed oversized sweater paired with black Pumas, and carrying a black leather handbag.

It’s chic, simple and sexy, but mainly, it’s comfortable. Ok, we’re officially all in on this “no pants” deal. Sorry, mom.

Credit: Getty Images / BG001/Bauer-Griffin

In fact, Baldwin has been on this “no pants” train for quite some time now. Here she is during Paris Fashion Week sporting a fringed suede ensemble, complete with mega-high denim boots.

Credit: Getty Images / Timur Emek

Think about the money you’ll save by not having to buy pants ever again – or at least until this trend gets cycled out.

But in actuality, the “no pants” look is very versatile, and anyone can pull it off with the right accessories. For example, here’s Kim Kardashian pulling off “no pants” without showing any skin:

Credit: Getty Images / Pierre Suu

If you have a pair of thigh-high boots, try matching them with an oversized men’s shirt. You might be surprised at how modest you feel . Plus, you’ll look very fashion-forward.

Another tip for trying this look, is to hit the thrift store. Pick up shirts in several different styles, fabrics, and sizes to figure out what kind of oversized shirt looks best on your body.

Selena Gomez, a huge supporter of ditching the pants, rocked this men’s button down.

Ariana chose to skip out on pants and a shirt, and threw on a super cute zip up.

So sound the alarm, ladies. This trend is on the rise. Word on the street is, once you go no pants, you never go back to pants – or something like that. Bottom line? We’re into this.