Have you asked any of the most-Googled fashion questions of 2016?

We try to keep you up-to-date on all things fashion here at HG, but there are some questions we just haven’t answered yet — and that’s where Google comes in handy. The search engine just released its list of the most-Googled fashion questions of 2016, and we’re frankly not surprised by any of them!

From becoming a fitness model to dressing like we’re back in the ’90s, people Googled some very ~interesting~ topics this year, and we can definitely see why most of these queries made it into the top 10.

Do you see any of your own questions on this list? Let us know!

1How to cut sleeves off a shirt?

2How do I start modeling?

3What is haute couture?

4How to wear booties with skinny jeans?

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5When can you start wearing white?

6How to become a fitness model?

7What is boho?

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8What did people wear in the ’90s?

9How to dress like a hippie?

10How to become a fashion designer?


And that, friends, pretty much sums up 2016.

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