Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 13, 2016 @ 5:25 pm
Coach 1941 Women's Spring 2017 Show - Arrivals
Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Image

There’s fashion, and then there’s whatever Emma Roberts is wearing today. The latter is usually current trend we care the MOST about, because as she’s shown us, time and time, again, Emma can literally rock anything.

So it’s no surprise that when she hit the red black carpet for the Coach 1941 show at New York Fashion week, she did so wearing a dress straight out of an amazing ’60s dream. Emma Roberts is here to make modern-day go-go chic a reality, and we are here for it.

Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Image

The dress buttons up the front (🙌) and it’s also got black accents on the trim, and the pockets that make it look almost three-dimensional to our eyes. It’s a super current outfit, but it also looks like something your mom might have worn back in college. Please let this look come back, and come back big time.

OH, and we haven’t even discussed the lace-up black boots. Those are hella intense, and we want them on our own feet asap.

Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Image

We’re also going to need to know where Emma snagged this rocket ship clutch, and how much space does it have to hold our essentials? (Essentials being phone, sunglasses, lipstick, snacks, etc.)

This is one of the cutest, and easiest, looks we’ve seen come out of Fashion Week so far, and it looks like Emma is brining the paisley trend back. Is this go-go look our new go-to pattern for fall? You bet.