Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - July 19, 2016
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We have been totally head over heels for Gillian Jacobs for a long time. She starred in the hilarious comedy Community as Britta, and more recently as Mickey in Love on Netflix. Gillian Jacobs also stars in comedy Don’t Think Twice, which was directed by Mike Birbiglia. She is also outspoken and hilarious, which just makes us love her more. This week, Gillian was spotted out on the streets of Los Angeles, and we dig her street style. Because she’s not only chic, she has a message to go along with it.

Gillian Jacobs wore this fabulous “Equal Pay Now” sweatshirt that is totally empowering.

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With this 2016 Presidential Election focusing so much on women and some of the issues that are important to us, like equal pay. The truth is, women between the ages of 18-34 make only $0.88 on the dollar, and the women over 35 make only $0.77 on the dollar. That’s why we need to keep the issue in the forefront, which is just what Gillian does with her outspoken sweatshirt.

And the feminist message doesn’t sacrifice style.

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We love the slightly wide collar. And the heather blue color and graphic text are totally casual chic.

But there’s good news, we can all get one!

Equal Pay Now Sweatshirt by Rachel Antonoff

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Even better is the description of the sweatshirt on Rachel Antonoff’s website:

We agree, it is ridiculous. And we’re glad to see anyone saying something, especially in the form of some fabulous fashion. You can get an outspoken sweatshirt for yourself on Rachel Antonoff’s site here for $98.00.

Because we would all love to show off our feminism as stylishly as Gillian Jacobs.