Krista Jensen
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 12:19 pm

When Yolanda Hadid first mentioned her concern over her oldest daughter going in modeling (a career Yolanda became pseudo-famous for in the ’90s), it was well before she’d eventually have all three of her children dominating the field. Gigi and Anwar Hadid posed for British Vogue in what’s gotta be solid proof that modeling is just what this family does. The black and white spread shows 17-year-old, 6’1″ Anwar wrapping his older sister Gigi in a studly half-hug as the two evoke the classic “staring out at the ocean” pose that models in every decade, for all of time have mastered. Seems like the youngest Hadid’s got his work cut out for him. Thanks, mom!

Check out the moody brother/sister shot below. And someone call Bella!

No sibling rivalry here! When your jobs are to travel, wear cool clothes and pose for photos for lots and lots of pocket change, we can’t imagine there’s too much to fight about among these three.

This is Gigi’s second time on the cover of Vogue, the first with a sibling in tow. We see many, many Hadids gracing the covers of just about every publication in the future.

Gigi and Bella made headlines this week as they took the streets of New York to protest Trump’s Muslim ban that rightfully has so many of us up in arms. As People noted, both the Hadid trio’s father, Mohammed Hadid, and Zayn Mailk, Gigi’s boyfriend, are Muslim (not that you need any specific affiliation to any Muslim individual to be out protesting, of course!). Proud mom Yolanda (a US citizen only as of 2013) posted this shot of her daughters proudly marching for what they believe in. And Bella, we see that Slurpee and we are with you, girl! Protesting takes sustenance!

So much to be proud of in this family! We love celebs using their platforms to spread positive messages for change and acceptance in the world, especially now. Soon it will be Anwar’s turn to take the world by storm…maybe after he finishes high school.