Mackenzie Dunn
Updated Nov 07, 2019 @ 10:25 am
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If you’ve ever watched an awards show and drooled over the impeccable celebrity fashion (which, let’s face it, we all have), now’s your chance to get your hands on pieces designed by one of those top-name people. The H&M x Giambattista Valli collection, which is available in select stores and on H&M’s website right now, is the kind of designer collection that will have you wanting to answer the iconic red carpet question, “Who are you wearing?”

kendall jenner in an H&M tulle dress
Credit: Valerio Mezzanotti via H&M

While the name may not be familiar to you, the buzzy, Paris-based designer’s effortless, ultra-femme gowns may be. Valli is the mastermind behind the stunning hot-pink, fluffy tulle dress that Kendall Jenner wore to the amfAR Cannes Gala this spring. Known for his method of layering tulle in creative and structural ways, Valli’s pieces are fun, feminine, and, as he describes them, “happy.”

While the spring collection, which launched in May, sold out quickly, and this installment will likely do the same, now’s your second chance to nab an incredible designer piece for a reasonable price (thank you, H&M). Just act fast, because these luxe items won’t be here for long.

H&M x Giambattista Valli long tulle dress

H&M x Giambattista Valli airy flounced blouse

H&M x Giambattista Valli short tulle dress

H&M x Giambattista Valli dress with floral embroidery

H&M x Giambattista Valli hooded top with rhinestones

H&M x Giambattista Valli short tulle dress

Shop your favorites now before they sell out. Your holiday party dress is on lock.