Lauren Saccone
March 25, 2017 4:16 pm
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As much as we love fashion (and boy do we ever love fashion), you need to have a sense of humor about it sometimes. If you start taking it too seriously, it stops being fun. Illustrator Angelica Hicks — and her incredible pun-filled fashion sketches — have taken this idea to the next level.

The talented illustrator has charmingly skewered pop culture and style with her high-fashion humor, and we love what she’s thought up. Nothing is safe from her hysterically funny drawings; everything from Jimmy Choo to the designs of Louis Vuitton has been riffed on, with delightful results.

“I approach my illustrations the same way I approach making a joke,” Hicks said in a recent interview with The Cut. “If it is forced or overthought, it’s generally not going to be all that funny.”

We think Hicks has more than succeeded, and her more than 31,000 Instagram followers obviously agree. Her drawings are funny, fresh, and delightfully self-aware. There’s a reason her work has appeared in Vogue and on Net-a-Porter, to name just a few outlets. And considering how ridiculous fashion can be, we doubt that Hicks will run out of material any time soon.

Hicks has a book coming out in April that we can’t wait to nab. But until then, we can enjoy her delightful renditions of the pinnacles of fashion, the pioneers of pop culture, and everything in between on Instagram.