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Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty

Gabby Douglas is fresh off an absolutely fabulous Olympics for the Final Five, the Gold Medal winning US Women’s Gymnastics Team. She was invited to be a judge at last night’s Miss America Pageant, and she looked fabulous enough to win another Gold Medal.

Gabby Douglas looked like a beauty queen herself in this fabulous pink gown.

Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty

This rosy color looks absolutely incredible on Gabby, and we love the flowy softness of the look. The slit in the skirt makes her leg look a mile long, and the white pumps are a perfect, simple compliment to the attention-grabbing gown.

The dress is made up of hundreds of tiny triangles, which gives the look a modern geometry that keeps the girly hue fresh and fabulous.

Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty

We love the geometric, oragami look at the neckline of the dress especially. The triangle shapes create an incredible almost flower-like pouf at the shoulder that softens the hardness of the pointed shapes. It’s such a fabulous piece of craftsmanship, we can’t look away!

Gabby was clearly feeling her dress too.

Credit: Donald Kravitz / Getty

Gabby was caught on the red carpet mid-selfie, and she looks so excited that she makes us smile.

Work it, girl!