Stephanie Hallett
Updated Sep 06, 2017 @ 12:45 pm
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punny halloween costume
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It may be the most spook-tacular time of year, but All Hallow’s Eve can be LOL-worthy, too! Just check out the funny Halloween costumes for adults that we’ve rounded up — and then try to tell us that Halloween is for jump scares and bone-shaking frights only.

Whether you’re a super lazy costume gal or the kind of person who enjoys a pun-tastic Halloween get-up, we feel pretty confident you’ll be able to find something on this list that you love.

Ready to see our picks for the best funny Halloween costumes? Keep scrolling!

1Nudist on Strike

This ~ensemble~ may take the top prize for world’s laziest Halloween costume, but a “Nudist on Strike” get-up will surely have your friends howling.

All you need to make this costume come to life is an everyday outfit (literally any outfit is fine) and a cardboard sign that reads “Nudist on Strike” attached around your neck using a piece of string. Even the least Halloween-y among us can get behind this look.

2Cereal Killer

Kicking off our collection of punny costumes is this brilliant “cereal killer” shirt. The best part? It’s really not that complicated to make.

Just collect a bunch of those little cereal boxes (have your friends over for brunch and cartoons one Saturday afternoon) then spread out an old shirt you don’t mind destroying and hot glue the boxes to the front and back of the shirt.

Once they’re firmly attached (if they aren’t sticking well, try fabric glue instead) use a paring knife to cut a small hole in the front of each box, then poke a plastic knife through. Use hot glue to ensure the knives are set in place.

Finally, grab some red paint and use a brush to fling it across the front and back of your shirt for a bloody effect.

3Ceiling Fan

Continuing our parade of puns, we present to you this “ceiling fans” costume that can be worn solo or with your #squad.

To replicate this look, find yourself a cheerleader-style skirt at a thrift store and a pair of knee-high socks. Then, take an old T-shirt or tank top and, using iron-on letters, spell out “Go Ceiling!” or some other words of ceiling-related encouragement across the front. Finally, grab your pom poms, slip into your sneakers — and you’re set!

4I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

If you’ll be pregnant on Halloween, we sincerely hope you’ll wear this costume and then send us pics. All the pics. Because this is absolutely GENIUS. Using your pregnant belly to poke a lil’ fun at Miley Cyrus? We think she’d love it!

To pull off this look, you’ll first need a gray tank and a fitted (and stretchy) black tank, tee, or long-sleeve top to wear over it. Next, cut a hole in the black shirt that’s slightly smaller than your belly; pull on the gray tank, and pull the black shirt on over top, stretching it out to fit around your bump. Voila — your wrecking ball!

Next, get a length of cheap chain from Home Depot, along with some thread and a blonde doll (find one at a thrift store or get a cheap one from the dollar store). Cut the doll’s hair short to look like Miley’s in the “Wrecking Ball” video, then attach the doll to the chain using the thread; you’ll also need a bit of thread, string, or jewelry wire to attach the ends of the chain and turn it into a “necklace.”

Optionally, you could paint white underwear and a cropped tank top on the doll (to preserve her modesty, natch) but Miley spends most of her video swinging around in the nude — so, we leave that decision up to you.

5Oh, Deer! and Holy Cow!

These costumes perfectly combine laziness with punny-ness, and we’re so on board. Great separately and even better worn with a friend, these costumes will get a lot of “huh?” reactions at first, followed by cries of “OMG I LOVE IT!”

To make, you could either craft deer antlers and a halo + wings using headbands and a little DIY ingenuity (plus a visit to Michael’s), or purchase them here and here, respectively. Next, simply dig up a brown tee — if you’re going as a deer — and use iron-on letters to write “OH!” across the front. If you’re going as a cow, affix iron-on cow spots to a white T-shirt, making sure to cut them out (if they’re on one big sheet) and spread them evenly all over the shirt. Finally, pull on appropriately colored pants and hit the town.

6A Fart

We’re very sorry, but we couldn’t resist including this fart costume on on our list! It’s totally ridiculous, but it will definitely make everyone you know LOL. And sure, a kid’s wearing it in this photo — but who says it can’t be adapted for adults?

Just take a brown T-shirt and use a simple stitch to affix brown and green tulle to the garment in sporadic patches; you can make yourself a headdress using a headband and some tulle, too. Wear some brown leggings or other pants and, last but not least — you’ll need that farty, farty bull horn.

7Taco Belle

Get it? GET IT? She’s Belle and she’s covered in tacos. So she’s TACO BELLE. You love it as much as we do, don’t you?

Yes, this dress is handmade, but unless you’re seriously crafty, we suggest you get in touch with Olivia Mears — the woman in the photo above, who is also a fashion designer — and find out how much it’ll cost you to get your own custom Taco Belle ball gown. Worth every penny, in our humble opinion.

Bonus costume: Dog-tini

Okay, so this isn’t an adult costume, but it was too cute not to include! If your furry friend happens to be in a cone on Halloween, make the most of the unfortunate ensemble and add a stick of “olives” to create this dog-tini costume. Your pupper won’t mind the addition if the olives are made from light-weight foam (but might only tolerate the stick long enough to snap a photo — beware!).

Wishing you (and your cute doggies) the Happiest Halloween!