So, maybe you didn’t make it on the waitlist for those YSL glitter boots. We feel your pain. But when the universe closes a door, it opens a window. And that is ~exactly~ what these glorious Gucci shoes are.

Behold, mortals: Gucci’s majestic zebra shoes!

How we initially missed these babies on the runway, we don’t know. Perhaps it had something to do with the zillions of amazing goods fluttering down Alessandro Michele’s past runways. Thankfully, they’ve cropped up recently as the most badass shoes on the market. Moving on, these babies give a whole new meaning to any previous notion you’ve had about zebra prints. Basically, these mid-heel pumps are packed with all the animalistic pizazz a true shoe diva could ever want.

The Mary-Jane silhouette of these babies may seem a bit tame. But no, it’s not.

Because no shoe with its own tail could *ever* be confused with something tame. (Side note: the tail is not actually zebra hair, but goat hair.)

Nope, these wild and free babies are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The black and white printed leather shoes are as luxurious as they come, and are fastened with a classic GG pearl button.

Now, the only downside to these “Lesley” pumps is a little thing called the price tag. As in, the $1,290 shoes may rival your rent or mortgage payments. But hey, they’re still a fraction of the cost of those $10,000 Saint Laurent glitter boots, and there’s no waitlist for these beauties!

Nevertheless, if $1,290 shoes are *not* yet in the cards for you, we’re certain these more budget-friendly unicorn sneakers will fill the shoe-shaped hole in your heart, stat!