plus size model
Credit: Instagram / @forever21plus

We seriously *love* Forever 21. The fast fashion retailer is basically the only reason we ever have something cute to wear. F21, however, is no stranger to criticism over its past body positivity issues (because, hey, we’re all always learning to do better!) Fashion bloggers complained of the lack of depth in plus-size collections. Since then, the retail giant has been moving in the right direction towards body positivity.

Forever 21, just like all brands, have learned from their mistakes and are moving in the right direction toward body positivity.

Here are three times Forever 21 has been incredible about body image:

1. Their new plus-size activewear line is so enviable.

In 2016, the retail chain announced that it would be revamping its new activewear line, complete with an awesome plus-size collection. In addition to being completely affordable, the designs are stunning. With the most visible plus-size models in the industry, Ashley Graham and Denise Bidot, as the faces of the line, the positivity behind the campaign is undeniable.

2. Forever 21’s plus-size swimsuit collection is to die for.

Credit: Forever 21

The retailer has not only expanded their plus-size swimsuit collection online, it has also expanded its size collection to their stores. Forever 21 features an expansive collection of suits in varying designs and styles, all while staying within budget.

3. The retail giant is on Instagram and is unafraid of admitting its faults.

Forever 21 launched a plus-size Instagram account in February to show off its expanding plus size collection. The Instagram account quickly gathered backlash after not showing off any diversity in the sizes of the models. Forever 21 acknowledged their lack of awareness, stating,

The account made some important changes, and now works with major plus-size fashion bloggers to produce content fit for everyone.

We think it’s awesome that large retail companies like Forever 21 are changing the way they sell their clothes because women of all sizes should be able to shop for affordable and fashionable clothing. Keep up the good work, Forever 21!