Kit Steinkellner
October 03, 2014 1:56 pm

This week, Sweden gets a gold-star sticker for feminism, as does Karl Lagerfeld’s feminist runway show (well, maybe HALF a gold star sticker, we’ll get to that), while tech company Intel and Jeopardy have to stay in for recess and sit at their desks and think about what they’ve done. Let’s get into it below.

Karl Lagerfeld promotes his Spring 2015 line with a runway feminist march

I’m rolling my eyes at this, at the picket signs that read “Feminist Not Feminine” and “Make Fashion, Not War,” but I also think this is kind of fun on Karl Lagerfeld‘s part, maybe I’ve been brainwashed by too many episodes of Project Runway or maybe I just have a soft spot in my heart for the show’s runway song, Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.”

Sweden has a new feminist government

New Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Loefven announced this week that “Sweden’s new government is a feminist government.” Half of the president’s cabinet is female, and women were appointed ministers of the environment and education. To paraphrase Rob Reiner’s mom in When Harry Met Sally, I’ll have what Sweden is having.

Jeopardy gets it all wrong with new sexist category

The category was “What Women Want” and the answers were a vacuum cleaner, herbal tea, and “a pair of jeans that fit well.” Head smack and more head smack. And you were doing so well on the gender equality front with Julia Collins and her twenty-game winning streak, Jeps, for shame, for SHAME!

Intel supports #gamergate by pulling advertising from feminist gaming site

You may or may not have heard of the nightmare that is #gamergate (quick synopsis: it’s basically a bunch of misogynist trolls coming out of the Internet woodwork to harass female members of the community with strong opinions re: women-hating in gaming). Recently, tech behemoth Intel pulled its advertising from the website Gamasutra after receiving a monsoon of complaints that the site was championing fair representation of women in video games. Yes. You read that right. Intel thinks the fight for gender equality is a valid reason to pull support. Can someone please start a hashtag to yell at them about this?

Emily Ratajkowski defines her brand of feminism

Ratajkowski first gained notoriety as a topless dancer in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video and is now making her splash on the big screen in Gone Girl. She recently gave an interview with Cosmopolitan in which she defined feminism for herself: “I feel lucky that I can wear what I want, sleep with who I want, and dance how I want, and still be a feminist.

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