Credit: David M. Benett/Getty Images

Even though their Manhattan block is totally taken over with protecting the new president-elect, Tiffany & Co. is still going to do their iconic holiday display, so you have nothing to fear. Since the store is close to Trump Tower, many were afraid that security concerns would prevent Tiffany & Co. from doing their holiday display. The unveiling for the event was originally cancelled but it was decided that the show must go on. Spokeman Nathan Strauss said in a statement:

It’s no surprise that people were upset at its initial cancellation. This display has been a hallmark of the holiday season in New York City. While the area is open to the public, police are asking people what their business is before entering the area. Local shops are afraid that this security measure will drive away business, but hopefully the draw to Tiffany’s will counteract and shopper hesitation.

If you want to make a trip to see this essential Christmas display and avoid heavy security the store recommends that you enter through 57th Street since the barricades along Fifth Avenue remain.

The holidays (and diamonds) are still a girl’s best friend.