Jill Layton
Updated Aug 20, 2014 @ 1:24 pm

Ducks like fashion too, you guys. Today, MyModernMet.com alerted us to the fact that duck fashion shows exist, and we are forever grateful. For the last 30 years, Brian Harrington, an Australian farmer, has been putting clothes on his ducks and geese and displaying them in The Pied Piper Duck Show as part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, according to the website Amusing Planet, The parade features ducks and geese waddling down a catwalk wearing all types of different garments—from bride and groom outfits, to the latest fashion trends, to dresses that basically look like something the Queen of England has in her closet. The parade attracts more than 900,000 people each year, and the fashionable water birds are one of the main attractions—which makes sense, because ducks and geese wearing dresses and hats equals the best part of ANY parade.

In addition to the fashion parades, The Pied Piper Duck Show includes the showcase, Racing Ducks, which brings the crowd to its feet as everyone cheers for their favorite ducks. It’s unclear how their adorable tiny hats don’t fall off. It’s also unclear if the ducks are happy with the outfits that have been chosen for them, or if they’d rather wear a different color—or you know, be somewhere else—like a pond.

Here are some pictures of the duck fashion show for evidence (and for your endless entertainment):

Ladies in blue with matching sun hats. These gals look like they’re heading to the country club for some brunch and a tennis lesson, if there’s time.

It’s very apparent that these three ducks did not discuss their outfit choices that morning. Three friends wearing the same outfit? How embarrassing.

It doesn’t look like this bride is entirely happy about her upcoming nuptials.

I’m almost positive I’ve seen a member of the royal family wearing the same outfit.

I love the idea of wearing a blanket as a dress. If geese can get away with it, I can get it away with it. Maybe.

Nothing says romance like pink, red, and silk. And beaks.
Images via Amusing Planet