Credit: Forever21

Paws and claws up, everyone, because today is National Cat Day and you better believe we’re celebrating (in style)!

In case you haven’t noticed, being a Cat Lady is now ~cool~ in 2016. From projects like Girls and Their Cats (which showcases cat-owning women in a positive light) to more people realizing that it’s totally sexist to assume a women lives alone with a cat simply because she can’t get a man (when in reality she doesn’t need or maybe even want a man), 2016 is the year of the Cat Lady.

If you love your fur-ever friends so much that you’d like to wear your love litter-ally on your sleeve, then why not splurge on some feline fashion items in honor of #NationalCatDay today? We’ve rounded up some of the most glamorous cat fashion (#cashion?) we could find.

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1. Wildfang “Cat Feminist Pin”

Credit: Wildfang

We all want this (and we’re not fe-lyin’.)

Buy here for $12.

2. Urban Outfitters “Cat Headphones”

Credit: Urban Outfitters

Wear these for a subtle “Yes, I’m fierce and fashionable” look that doesn’t totally scream “I wish I were a cat instead of a human.” (But it’s totally fine if you do wish that. We do, too, sometimes (okay, most times.)

Buy here for $30.

3. ASOS “New Look Cat Motif Shirt”

Credit: ASOS

This is litter-ally so damn adorable.

Buy here for $27.04.

4. Forever21 “Sequin Cat Sweater”

Credit: Forever21

This is so glam. Fur real.

Buy here for $24.90.

5. ModCloth “I’m Here for Mew iPhone 6/6s Case”

Credit: ModCloth

You have cat to be kitten us right meow with this one.

Buy here for $19.99.

6. Experimental Jewellery Club “Gold Cat Ring”

Credit: Experimental Jewellery Club

We LOVE the simplicity of this cat ear ring and would probably rock at least two or three at the same time, tbh.

Buy here for $29.00.

7. Nylon Shop “Cosmic Cat Patch”

Credit: Nylon Shop

We have a paw-sion for fashion that’s out of this world.

Buy here for $10.

8. ASOS “Cat Velvet Cross Body Bag”

Credit: ASOS

The purrfect place to store your feline wine, for kitties on-the-go.

Buy here for $28.00.

9. Marilyn “Solid Gold Cat Ears”

Credit: Morning Lavender

A little less subtle, but a lot more me-yowww!

Buy here for $16.99.

10. Kate Spade “Cool Cat Hinged Idiom Bangle”

Credit: Kate Spade

This will look claw-some with any outfit.

Buy here for $47.

11. ModCloth “I Can See Clearly Meow Socks”

Credit: ModCloth

We’re having a mewment with these.

Buy here for $12.99.

12. Unique Vintage “TUK Black Suede Closed Toe Kitty Face Flats”

Credit: Unique Vintage

Wear these with some cat-itude.

Buy here for $60.

13. Torrid “Sleep Cat Print Fleece Onesie”

Credit: Torrid

Essential for pro-cat-stination.

Buy here for $31.43.

No, we’re not kitten you. We know these are all purrrrfect. Happy shopping, and happy #NationalCatDay to you and yours!