Johnni Macke
Updated Jul 09, 2016 @ 8:41 am
Credit: Fendi/Instagram

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, or in this case, do as the models do!

On July 7, Fendi put on a fairytale runway show located at Rome’s Trevi Fountain. It was magical and basically what every girl dreams of when she goes to sleep and wishes she would wake up a princess. The enchanting night of fashion meets history was one for the books.

The show not only took place at the legendary fountain, where you are supposed to throw a coin over your left shoulder to insure you’ll return to the Eternal City, but the glass runway was actually inside the fountain, on top of the water. Yep, the models literally walked on water!

In honor of Fendi’s 90th Anniversary the Italian brand (founded in 1925 in Rome), led by its fearless leader, Karl Lagerfeld, pulled out all the stops for their “Legends and Fairytales” themed night, and we are still reeling from the beauty and magic that took place in Italy.

Supermodels including Kendall Jenner, who opened the show, and Bella Hadid, walked in the show and they were chic and sophisticated as usual. The whimsical looks were taken to the next level, by the beauty of the clear blue waters and intricate sculptures in the background.

Every major magazine and TONS of celebrities were in attendance for the fashion event, which featured looks from Fendi’s 2016 Autumn/Winter collection. false

The looks included, beautifully adorned coats and gowns fit for a princess. Plus, every model looked like she was living a romantic Roman fairytale, with her half-up, half-down, curled locks and flawless makeup. Forget about Cinderella, next year we are channeling our inner Fendi goddess for Halloween! false

Margaret Zhang, a famous fashion photographer, was amongst the stars at the gorgeous show. She tweeted throughout the night and gave us serious FOMO. false

Actress Kate Hudson was also in attendance and even spoke during the post-show dinner. She rocked a floor-length, light blue gown and looked like a Roman goddess.

“What a spectacular show…and I even got to make a wish @Fendi,” Hudson captioned her enchanting photo in front of the iconic fountain.

According to Vogue UK, after the runway portion of the night was complete, the guests (about 600 people) were taken to Terrazza del Pincio for a three-course dinner, where you could see the Vatican off in the distance. After the show, Lagerfeld commented on the night saying, “It was not so bad was it — but what the hell will we do for the 100th?”

We have no idea what Fendi will ever do to top this celebration of fashion, but we are already counting down the days until we find out!