Bianca Xunise
Updated Aug 28, 2014 @ 5:07 pm

I love shopping. I love everything about the experience; from the glittery lights to the house music. I spend hours scouring the Internet for street-style from Korea to London. And when it comes to purchases, I’m a sucker for super-hard-to-pull-off trends, like harem pants. But, I still find myself throwing these trendy Topshop pieces in the back of my closet and putting on what is comfortable and safe. Some may say this is a waste of money, but I like the idea of knowing that if I needed to put on an outfit stunner I could. Right now I’m comfortable in my personal “fashion rut” of high-waist jeans and gamine stripes. Do you find yourself happy in your own fashion rut regardless of what’s in? Or is it just me?