These ‘Everyday Bravery’ enamel pins make us feel like the heroines of our own stories

“Unfriended A Racist” and “Chose Hope Over Fear” are two of several acts of bravery artist Emily McDowell celebrates via her enamel pin collection entitled “Everyday Bravery.” On her website, Emily McDowell Studio, McDowell offers a broad range of these empowering items, to recognize “the things that require the most courage on a daily basis,” no matter how seemingly small they may be.

The badge-shaped “Everyday Bravery” pins come in several different bright and cheery colors, and the variety of messages welcome all brave souls to wear one.

From those who “Ignored The Haters,” to the people who “Kicked Cancer’s Ass,” no act of bravery should ever go unnoticed.

Known for her “Empathy Cards” that take shots at mainstream sympathy cards, McDowell’s mission is to create “greeting cards for the relationships we really have.” The artist is a cancer survivor who no doubt has seen many a shallow, unfeeling sympathy card. Fed up, she took matters into her own hands and created a collection of cards that give you something straightforward to say “when you don’t know what to say.”

“I know #fuckcancer doesn’t get you through it. I’m here any time you need me,” one card reads. Another simply states, “There is no good card for this. I’m so sorry.


McDowell’s mission to recognize and empathize bleeds into her enamel pin collection. She aims to stop any feeling of mortification due to something “stupid” you said, or the bad feeling that you weren’t able to please everyone that day.

Everyone needs to start giving themselves or those they love “a little credit” for the good things they do, rather than dwelling on the not-so-good. Chances are, the not-so-good things aren’t even that bad in the grand scheme of things.


McDowell’s pins emphasize this, by bringing positivity to situations that most interpret as negative. The goal is to change the way we think about life-altering events by looking on the bright side whenever possible. Realizing that everyone is healing and doing their best to be brave in the position they’re residing in can deepen our understanding of each other and, overall, can increase empathy in society.

Give credit to yourself for getting through something you never expected to happen to you. This could be an addiction of some sort:


Or a painful event that you weren’t sure you could ever recover from, but did:


Perhaps you finally felt confident enough to share your opinion or disagree with someone else’s idea.


Whatever it is that made you feel empowered and good about yourself, is a sentiment that’s worth wearing proudly upon your chest.

Ultimately, you should definitely check out McDowell’s Instagram for updates on “Everyday Bravery” pins and “Empathy Cards.”

McDowell’s pins sell for $10, and when you purchase, you’re getting much more than just a pin. You’re getting that extra boost of confidence to continue your bravery and celebrate the battles you’ve already won.

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