Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 22, 2016 1:33 pm
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Pulling off matchy-matchy outfits can be tricky, but actress and model Suki Waterhouse rocked a tropical swim look that is our vacation style inspiration. What we love about this refreshing look is that it’s not your average swimsuit. There’s technically four-pieces involved, and it’s basically red carpet-ready.

Who knew that a four-piece swim suit was a thing? We’ve heard of one-pieces and two-pieces…but four-pieces? We can’t believe we’ve been missing out on the chance to try out this style for so many summers. TG for Suki Waterhouse’s killer sense of style.

And that print! Our fashion-loving hearts are oh-so-pleased.

Her four-piece swimsuit, made up of a headwrap, bikini set, and sheer robe, is this gorgeous dark green and white palm leaf print. It’s elegant and yet fashion forward, thanks to the unexpected cut. The top and bottoms both have loads of cut-outs, and the little ties are pretty darn cute, if we do say so ourselves. The halter neck and high waist keeps it practical for romping around the beach.

Lastly, let’s discuss that sheer robe. This takes the look from a bikini to a full-fledged outfit. We also dig that deep v and the slits in the skirt! We’ll definitely be rocking that this look come warmer weather… unless someone wants to surprise us with tickets to Barbados! Any takers?!

Thanks for the fashion inspo, Suki.