Lindsey Sirera
Updated Apr 07, 2017 @ 4:48 pm

These days, wedding dresses come in every shape, color, and silhouette. Heck, thanks to Solange Knowles, wedding jumpsuits have even caught on! As brides continue to shift away from the traditional wedding norms and create their own perfect nuptial experience, many have chosen to forgo traditional pearly white wedding gowns in favor of blush, aubergine, or even all-noir tones.

And as part of that traditional color flipping and flopping, many a bride is now seeking out a once taboo trend for her bridesmaids: having them wear white instead of her!

Credit: Etsy

“Ever popular on Etsy, ‘wedding dresses’ was the second most searched wedding term so far in 2017,” Etsy announced this week via press release.

“More and more, design-minded brides are opting to grab the spotlight in colorful gowns — and even patterned pieces — and dressing their bridesmaids in white instead,” they added.

If you think about it for a quick sec, this makes total sense. As brides opt for more color-happy wedding dresses, they’re making a bold statement and trying to shine even brighter on their wedding days. And seeing as white is a great supporting shade, it makes total sense that a bride might want her leading ladies to wear soft ivories or eggshell shades instead. That way, the bride gets to wear *her* favorite color, and the bridesmaids all get to don dresses in a universally flattering shade.


“The uniform backdrop of solid-white bridesmaids dresses ensures that nothing will distract from the bride’s big statement — and keeps the color palette from getting too complicated,” the Etsy gurus further explained.

There are quite a few wedding traditions that have gotten the 21st-century treatment as of late, like turning traditional wedding favors into customizable gift lounges. And we must say, we like where all of these new wedding trends are headed!