It’s another beautiful day, and Emma Watson slays on her fashion Instagram yet again. You know, the one where we get to see all her inspired outfits from the Beauty and the Beast press tour.

Today, February 1st, she’s wowing in a custom blue cut-out Louis Vuitton dress styled by Nicolas Ghesquière.

And because Watson is all about wearing eco-friendly clothing (yes!) wherever and whenever possible, the dress fabric is made from recycled materials. The below video shows the front and back of the dress, and Watson struts her stuff like a confident superstar (probably because she, well, IS a confident superstar). Here, take a look:

Aside from the fact that Watson looks mindblowingly beautiful in this piece of wearable art, we love how the Eiffel Tower is visible in the background of this photo. She’s just chillin’ on a rooftop in Paris, no biggie. And we love Watson so much that we’re not even jealous — simply happy that our girl is living it up.

via giphyNow, if you want to get a good look at the stunning dress, Ghesquière posted a photo on his own Instagram.

Damn, the dress is so playful and fun, yet so bold and sophisticated. Yup, we’re already obsessed with Watson’s Instagram and look forward to the next ensemble.

via giphyIt’s also always great to see the possibilities with cut-out dresses. We’ve seen a few others, like Kristen Stewart’s edgy apocalyptic queen dress and Diane Kruger’s cut-out mini dress, and each one has inspired us to experiment with our wardrobes. Why not mix things up every once in a while? Surprise your friends, or surprise yourself.