Trilby Beresford
Updated Mar 07, 2017 @ 6:17 pm

Is it just us, or does Emma Watson look effortlessly flawless in everything she decides to put on her body?

The latest jaw-dropping Parisian-inspired pieces are a beret with a black and white Stella McCartney pea coat, which we can see thanks to Watson’s brand new Instagram account!

That’s right; because Watson is THE most thoughtful human, she set this up so that we can follow all of her special eco-friendly outfits during the press tour for Beauty and the Beast.

The pea coat doesn’t use any animal products, and we love how she’s paired this with a Filippa K sweater (or “jumper,” as Watson would say!) and a pair of white sneakers from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. It’s all very simple, yet color-coordinated and super comfortable looking.

Also, the comfort factor is perfect for traveling. She’s just off to Paris to talk about her experience playing the iconic Belle in that movie we CAN’T WAIT to see…no biggie.

Watson also posted another snap on her new Insta, and this time the theme is RED. Even down to the lipstick and blush. Perfect for the first public screening of Beauty and the Beast. Just wish we were there in person…

As she says in the caption, this is a “Jacobian flower-embroidered duchesse satin bustier with an organic silk faille sash and organic wool trousers” created by Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia from Oscar de la Renta.” Mighty fiiiiine.

Loving every moment of this! Thank you Emma for giving us a glimpse into your life as you travel the globe and choose aw-inspiring clothing to make us jealous with show us what’s possible!