Olivia Harvey
Updated Jan 11, 2017 @ 12:29 pm
Emma Stone
Credit: Getty Images / David Crotty

Mixing and matching patterns and trends within your wardrobe is risky. Sometimes it can look very haute couture, and other times it can result in a fashion faux pas. La La Land star, Emma Stone, took the pattern-mixing plunge at the La La Land Paris premiere and her efforts paid off. Stone combined three current trends in one outfit and we’re questioning everything we thought we knew about fashion.

Stone rocked this Chanel number from the designer’s ready-to-wear Métiers D’Art 2016/17 collection. With a beaded floral bodice, fringed tweed skirt, and traces of metallic all over, this dress can certainly be called a “bold statement.”

Credit: Getty Images / Marc Piasecki

You’re probably looking at the dress and trying to figure out how it’s all working. Well, first of all let’s look at the coherent color scheme.

The rusty red and black in the bodice is continued throughout the weaving on the skirt, tying the two pieces together. The use of bronze and gold-colored sequins on the tweed skirt ties back into the orange, yellow, and warm green tones used in the bodice. The whole creation is within the same natural-toned color palette, making it easy on the eyes even though there is a lot going on.

Credit: Getty Images / Marc Piasecki

The three trends present in the outfit are subtle when by themselves. Tweed is seen more as a material rather than a pattern. And floral is usually beautifully understated as is. Putting two subtle trends together works better than trying to smash together louder patterns like bold stripes with colorful polkadots. Plus, punching the floral and tweed combo up with metallic shimmer only adds a layer of interest.

Also, keep one of the trends or patterns large, and the others small. The attention in Stone’s Chanel creation is on the floral design because it’s the largest one we can see. The tweed and metallic sequins are an afterthought. Draw attention to one piece so the eye has somewhere to go first and isn’t left to wander while figuring out where to look first.

Credit: Getty Images / Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Plus, Stone kept her accessories to a minimum and her makeup within the same color scheme as the ensemble. This keeps the eye on the dress rather than any excess accessory clutter.

So, when it comes to mashing together trends and patterns think about the following tips. Keep it to one color scheme, preferable neutral tones. Choose two or three trends that are subtle on their own. Make one of those the focal point by making it stand out in size. Add interest with metals and shimmer rather than added colors, pattern and accessories.

And there you have it — a perfectly Stone/Chanel-inspired mixed/matched outfit that will have onlookers pleasantly baffled.