Olivia Harvey
December 02, 2016 1:11 pm
Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez

George! Bess! Grab Ned — we have a mystery to solve! Emma Stone arrived to The Tonight Show last night decked out in full mystery solving regalia. We’re talking a black, red, and camel tweed suit and 1940s-inspired ankle strap heels. Give her a flashlight and Stone is ready to go full Nancy Drew on us. All of the sudden. we’re inspired to investigate a strange disappearance of an ancient artifact. Is that just us or…?

As we’re all aware by now, Stone is a huge fan of the pantsuit. Her Tonight Show outfit is very similar to the suit she wore to the 3rd Annual Airbnb Open Spotlight event. The warm tones of this ensemble, however, compliment her hair (which is the same auburn color as Nancy Drew, girl detective’s hair) and natural makeup perfectly.

Getty Images / NBC

Not only was Stone promoting her new film musical, La La Land, but Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon also talked to her about her upcoming third appearance as a host on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night.

Even though Stone has been a fan of SNL for her entire life, she admitted that she never auditioned. “But,” Stone said, “when I was 12 I did audition for All That. Do you know All That?” Stone told Fallon that she went to an open call for the hit Nickelodeon sketch show. Once there, she was forced to come up with three characters on the spot.

Hmm, this sounds like something Nancy Drew would get herself into in order to befriend a potential Grade A villain – don’t you think?

Sadly, Stone didn’t end up getting the part in All That. But perhaps 12-year-old Stone turned the offer down because she was too busy being a teen sleuth! Think about it, people.

Stone and Fallon also partook in a riveting game of the singing “Whisper Challenge,” during which one person is deafened by music while trying to guess what the other person is singing. Being a girl detective, Stone is used to reading lips from afar to try to figure out where the old clock (or something similar) is being kept.

Stone eventually cracks the whisper code. It’s pretty hilarious, so check it out below:

You can catch Stone the sleuth tomorrow night on SNL and on December 9th in La La Land. In the meantime, we’ll continue to pick up more clues that our favorite detective and favorite actress are in fact the same person.