Olivia Harvey
Updated Mar 01, 2017 @ 2:29 pm
Image of Emma Roberts
Credit: Getty Images / Steve Granitz

Emma Roberts looked *gorgeous* at the Academy Awards on Sunday. Her quick change from her red carpet black and white number to her beaded snakeskin ensemble was one of the best of the night. The actress kept her fashion game strong through today when traveling to Paris, France after her whirlwind weekend. In the airport, Roberts wore a turtleneck with the cutest collar we’ve seen in a while.

Credit: Getty Images / starzfly/Bauer-Griffin

Look how freaking cute this sweater us! With those sunnies, Roberts looks like a modern Audrey Hepburn.

Credit: Getty Images / Marc Piasecki

Come on, guys. You know we’ve got your backs on where to purchase a ruffled turtleneck à la Emma Roberts. The below options are affordable, yet still give you that girly cuteness that we love about the above sweater.

First stop is Macy’s. This CeCe Ruffled Turtleneck Sweater ($54.99) is perfect for your wardrobe’s transition into spring.

Credit: Macy's

It’s lighter weight than Roberts’ and can easily be tucked into a skirt or worn with black skinny jeans. Plus, look at the darn ruffles on the sleeve cuffs! Amazing!

Next stop is ASOS. Their lilac ribbed ruffled turtleneck ($15) has that pop of springtime color, is lightweight, but also warm enough to wear in the cooler months.

Credit: ASOS

We like how the turtleneck folds down to make the collar even more interesting.

Finally we have an option from Target! Target’s ruffled turtleneck ($20.98) comes in black and maroon.

Credit: Target

Once again, it’s lightweight, but similar to Roberts’ the ruffle stays strictly at the neckline and the sleeves retain their regular cuffs.

Even though it’s still chilly, these ruffled turtlenecks are a great way to work some springtime flair into your wardrobe. If the ever-stylish Emma Roberts says that ruffled turtlenecks are in, then we believe her!