Devan McGuinness
August 30, 2016 2:24 pm

There are some #blessed people who look incredible no matter what they’re wearing and even if they’re not wearing anything at all.

Somehow the far and few are gifted with incredible skin and confidence to pull any look off — which is the case for Emma Roberts who stripped down to participate in the famed photography series #TowelSeries.

The 25-year-old actress posted a photo to her Instagram account to participate in the series, headed up by photographer Mario Testino who started the project years ago “when he noticed Kate Moss sat in a white robe with a towel wrapped high around her head on the set of a shoot,” according to his website.

The Scream Queen star looks fresh-faced, flawless and happy as she poses for the camera wearing only a white towel on her head and strategically placed elbows in her almost-bare contribution. As will all the participants, she tagged the shot with #TowelSeries.

Roberts joins a long list of very famous stars who have also starred in Testino’s series, each with a different take on where and how the towel makes its appearance.

Gigi Hadid rocked a white towel robe.

Emily Ratajkowski donned a two-towel look with one tying back her hair and the other taking care of covering the rest of her body.

Britney Spears slayed the over the shoulder look in her photo.

And, of course, mega star Zoolander (aka Ben Stiller) had to make an appearance as well.

Oh, and Cam Newton #blessed us all when he showed up in the #TowelSeries feed.

What star do you think will participate next?