We’ve all been in the situation where we really like a piece of clothing, but the color of it is a bit scary. It’s a color that breeches our comfort zone. Example: Emma Roberts perfectly pulled off a color that we’ve been afraid to try, and now we might willing to give it a second chance.

Upon consulting the Pantone website, we think we’d label this hue 15-1142 TPX Honey Gold. But if you think it’s more of a 16-1140 TPG Yam, then we won’t argue with you.

Call the reddish, brownish, yellowish color whatever floats your boat because, regardless, it will still look great on Emma:

Credit: Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky / Stringer

The style and print of the Coach dress is something out of the 1970s. Plus, we love that the sheer fabric keeps the look light and bohemian.

Roberts wore this ensemble to yesterday’s American Apparel & Footwear Association’s 39th Annual American Image Awards 2017. She paired the Honey Gold/Yam Coach number with a matching plaid Coach jacket, a vintage-styled Coach bag and Malone Souliers heels.

Roberts retained as much modesty as possible in the sheer outfit by wearing a Fleur du Mal bodysuit underneath.

We are now a little less afraid to try this neutral gold tone out for ourselves. Keeping the color in a vintage, frilly ’70s-styled piece might soften its blow. Treating this color as a neutral and pairing it with softer pinks, yellows, and tans can also help with styling.

If we can end up looking like Roberts after this color experiment, then wearing Honey Gold/Yam/whatever you want to call it, is definitely worth the risk!