Olivia Harvey
January 04, 2017 2:40 pm
Getty Images / Jason LaVeris

“New Year, new me” is a phrase that applies to a lot of people. But Scream Queens star, Emma Roberts, has decided to keep her old self around in 2017 — at least when it comes to her old self’s fashion. Roberts is bringing her jaguar print trend into 2017 and we’re praising her because this trend is just too good to quit.

Yesterday, Roberts posted this Instagram of herself in her jaguar jacket. She captioned the photo, “Sipping and soaking in the first few days of 2017 in my @Coach Delancey watch.” And as much as Roberts loves her Coach watch, we know she loves her jaguar coat just as much.

We know this because she’s pictured here celebrating Christmas Eve in the same jaguar print jacket (say that five times fast). Pairing it with a denim skirt made this look nod to the 90s. Roberts’ friend, Brit Elkin, is also wearing a 90s-inspired plaid outfit…

…but has been known to sport some jaguar print of her own.

Animal print — specifically leopard and jaguar — was a huge trend at the end of 2016. We were afraid we would have to put our faux furs away until they were fashionable five years from now. But, no. Thanks to fashionistas like Roberts and others, animal print is going strong in 2017 and will hopefully last throughout the rest of the winter.

Check out these badasses wearing their faux animal print proudly into the New Year. Go girls, go!

If you don’t already own a leopard/jaguar/cheetah print coat yet, it’s time you take the plunge! Always check your local thrift store first to not only get a great deal on a semi-expensive trend, but to also be a part of that reduce/reuse/recycle system — it’s important! But if you can’t find anything that suits your fancy and you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, here are some great options.


Topshop Leopard Print Car Coat available at Nordstrom ($79.99) 

Nordstrom / Topshop

Patterned Jacket in Leopard Print from H&M ($39.99) 


Because leopard and jaguar print is incredibly stylish right now, it’s not hard to find the purr-fect (we’re so sorry) jacket or faux fur coat for you.