Courtney Leiva
Updated Sep 12, 2017 @ 5:09 pm

It’s no secret that Emma Roberts is one stylish trendsetter. We mean, she played the fashion-forward Chanel Oberlin for Lord’s sake. So of course, it’s no real surprise that the American Horror Story star is making fashion headlines again, especially since Roberts’ yellow dress with penguin details proves that it’s going to be the new “it” animal in fashion.

Okay, so penguins probably are the last thing you would associate with all things trendy and fashionable, but Emma’s stunning yellow Coach dress proves that the aquatic bird is probably going to hang around for a while.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, this new Coach dress will be available in November and will feature an all-over print with a smug little penguin sneaking some champagne, martinis, and wine. With a print (and not to mention gorgeous color choice!) this unique, we’re hoping to see this adorable trend carry on into the winter season.

Credit: Lars Niki/Getty Images for Coach

Of course, animals always come and go in terms of fashion trends. We remember when owls and foxes were a pretty big thing for awhile, so it’s pretty cool to see penguins get some appreciation for a change. Besides, we don’t know about you, but some penguin-printed shoes (we’re thinking embellished flats) and accessories (Olympia Le-Tan get on it!) would probably be the coolest thing we’ve seen in footwear and accessories in a while.