Emma Roberts
Credit: Getty Images / Paul Archuleta

The day before Thanksgiving is a day to fast, to connect with old friends back in town, and prep the most delicious meal of the year. But some us – not mentioning names – aren’t following that formula and are instead inhaling a Chipotle burrito while sitting alone in traffic. Right about now, those certain someones might need a pick-me-up on this Thanksgiving Eve. So we have one for you!

Check out Emma Roberts’ all-black outfit in her latest Instagram post. It will inspire you to clean that sour cream off your sweatshirt, and put together your own classy AF ensemble to trick your family into thinking that you are doing better than just OK.

Captioning her Instagram video “Bye LA,” by now Emma Roberts also might be sitting in traffic somewhere downing a burrito! You might not be alone!

This outfit is actually a little number Roberts wore around Halloween time. The dark plum ruffled top matched with the patterned black skirt is a perfect ensemble for any fall witch.

If you’re loving Roberts’ witchy vibes and want to translate them into your own Thanksgiving Day outfit, scroll through her Instagram for more inspiration. This Scream Queen is the master of dressing dark and sophisticated.

For example, this black wrap dress and fur coat ensemble is such a simple pairing but looks V expensive. If you show up in fur to Grandma’s house, your family will think you’re the new CEO of Apple. Trust us.

Check out this black velvet blazer – after you’re done looking at Hilary Clinton of course.

We love you Hilary, remember that. Taking Emma’s idea of sporting something made with black velvet on Turkey Day will not only keep you warm while you watch your uncle try to deep-fat-fry a turkey in the front yard, but you’ll also look your peak elegance while doing so.

Finally, a black leather jacket is something that almost every girl owns and looks great with almost everything.

A great fitting leather jacket can make you feel indestructible and badass. It might just give you that extra edge you need to blatantly avert answering, “who are you dating these days?” or “have you found a job yet?”

So buck up, burrito-eater! Tomorrow will be great. Equipped with the right outfit, you’ll feel mega confident and ready to show the family that you’re winning at life. Because when you wear all-black, you’re already winning the outfit game.