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When celebrities announce that they’re working on a “secret project,” all kinds of things are possible. A new movie? A new clothing line? These were some of the questions people were asking when Emma Roberts posted this photo on Instagram a few days ago:

Six days later, the wondering is over. It was officially revealed that Emma Roberts is the face of Aerie’s next #AerieREAL campaign, coming out this fall.

If you haven’t heard of the campaign, #AerieREAL began as a collection of unretouched lingerie photos. No smoke, mirrors or Photoshop. Fit and style expert Jenny Altman created the campaign, and her reasoning is pretty legit:

The campaign has been loud and proud for a year now, featuring a whole range of diverse bodies and women, but it’s still an anomaly in the fashion world. It doesn’t seem like any other brands are willing to change their tune, so Aerie is going in for round two, with Emma Roberts modeling both Aerie’s lingerie and clothing line. During a break at one of the photo shoots, Emma took time to speak to Refinery29, and said some pretty cool stuff about the campaign:

She goes on to explain that thinking of her little sister is what made her realize this campaign is so important. Teens need to know that they don’t need Photoshop, whether that’s in a magazine or even on Instagram!

This feeling of comfort and beauty in one’s own skin is exactly what the campaign hopes to achieve. Knowing that Emma Roberts, a picture perfect star, also struggles with these body issues, is comforting, and will hopefully pave the way for women of all shapes and sizes to get on board with the campaign and feel that same sense of empowerment.

(Image and Instagram)