Fashion lovers wait for the Cannes film festival with glee. Celebrities pour onto the red carpet in their finest garments every single year. This time around Elle Fanning’s palest green dress basically stole the show. And if she isn’t careful it is going to get stolen by a spring goddess out of pure envy.

Seriously, Elle Fanning looked downright ethereal at this year’s Cannes. She made headlines by springing her friendship with Nicole Kidman on us, and then brought the house down with her gown. So if you were looking for #springinspo look no further than Elle.

We cannot get over this look. It’s light, breezy and fresh. All the elements work together and make Elle Fanning look like an actual spring goddess.

This creation was made by Gucci and can be seen on the runway from their recent show. While the runway look featured a full lace face mask, this toned-down look works really well for a red carpet.

Elle’s gown features a slew of spring flowers sewn right into the bottom of the dress. It helps shape the silhouette and possibly stops the dress from wiping up due to wind. The green embellishments on the front are downright adorable.

If a spring goddess won’t steal her outfit, we sure will! Since it’s prom season right now, young women all over the country will pin this to their walls as inspiration for their own unique looks.

And the back was just as dramatic as the rest of her gown.

While we don’t know the temperature in the south of France this time of year, having an open-back dress means never overheating in the sun. Instead, you can chill out as photographers snap tons of gorgeous photos of you.

In the last few years, Elle Fanning has really emerged as both a powerhouse actress and style icon for a lot of people. We cannot wait to see what she’ll wear next!