Olivia Harvey
Updated Dec 15, 2016 @ 11:56 am
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Check the calendar — is it February already? One would think so with the dress Elle Fanning wore to The Tonight Show last night. Fanning rocked a Valentine’s Day-esque pink chiffon dress that made us wonder if she was celebrating the day of love a few months early.

Fanning stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with host Jimmy Fallon about attending the Beyoncé concert and watching Survivor with the rest of the Fanning clan. The baby pink dress she wore suited her bubbly personality so well that we now understand why this fairy princess of a person loves to wear such a fun and flirty color.

Also, just take a peek at those red shoes. She’s about to hand us all V-day cards any second.

Credit: Getty Images / NBC

Fanning told Fallon that she and her friend sat next to Channing Tatum at the Beyoncé concert, but at first they didn’t recognize him. “I was like, ‘Ha ha — with the beard and the hat — you have to sit next to the dad that’s bringing his daughters to the Beyoncé concert,'” Fanning said she told her friend. Lo and behold, that “dad” was actually Tatum.

Like anyone else in that situation, Fanning admitted that she and her friend tried to get a sneaky selfie with the Magic Mike actor without him seeing. What resulted was probably the worst picture ever taken.

As she told the story and laughed along with Fallon at her concert antics, we were admiring everything about the 20th Century Women actress’ outfit. Fanning oftentimes seems to naturally gravitate towards blush pink, which makes sense because the color is absolutely stunning on her.

Here she is looking fabulous in pink at the Premiere Screening of 20th Century Women.

Credit: Getty Images / Steve Jennings

And as you can see, Fanning was actually just her pink-loving self for Halloween this year.

Her go-to travel outfit? Yup – it’s pink! Note the bare feet, too.

She’s even styled in pink for photoshoots!

Of course, Fanning looks beautiful no matter what color she wears. But we have to say that we are partial to her blush pink obsession. Pink has a way of making people happy, and with such a lovely person in those pink outfits, we can’t help but to fall in love with Elle Fanning and everything she stands for.