Rachel Charlene Lewis
September 02, 2016 12:00 pm
Getty Images/ Jason Kempin

Ah, middle school fashion (especially circa 2000s). A whole lotta it is nothing but horrendous, like burn-all-the-proof horrendous, but some of it was actually super cute. Elle Fanning just brought back this trend we totally forgot about, and we have to say we’re ready to add about a dozen of these to our wardrobe.

The trend? Denim mini skirts.

BG005/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

It’s just as relaxed as we remember from our middle school days (hello, flip flops for life) but with an updated, grown up twist thanks to the trendy bag and simple top (a polo-styled tee, if you really want to be dedicated to the 2000s, like Elle Fanning is). Plus, the lack of bleached and distressed fabric is something we can definitely get on board with. Classic. All. The. Way.

Get the ~lewk~

1. This classic version


Perfectly middle school-esque in the BEST way.

Buy it for $40 from Levi’s.

2. This pencil skirt

Urban Outfitters

In case you wanna take the mini to the office.

Buy it for $59 from Urban Outfitters.

3. This version with pockets on pockets

Urban Outfitters

Frayed just enough to add a little ~edge~ to your outfit.

Buy it for $59 from Urban Outfitters.

4. This patchwork version


We love the pattern!

Buy it for $29 from Nasty Gal.