Oh, how we just adore vintage fashions. Hulu’s The Handmade’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss rocked a long-lost accessory trend to the Tribeca Film Festival recently, and now we want to go digging in our grandmother’s jewelry to find one just like it. Elisabeth jazzed up her yellow frock with a stunning silver, jeweled encrusted broach, transforming her ensemble from ordinary to one-of-a-kind.

She just showed us what to do when you want to take your Plain Jane ‘fit to the next level. Without the broach, her yellow dress would still be totally adorable. But, it obviously wasn’t enough for this fashionista’s palette. She needed a little something extra to give her overall look a little spice, and we’re not mad at it. Elisabeth’s pairing is on point.

Looking for a simple way to add a little umph to your otherwise plain outfit?

Take a cue from this glamazon and embellish it with a shiny and chic accessory!

Credit: Donna Ward/Getty Images

Elisabeth also added silver accents throughout her entire look to give off subtle moments of pizzazz.

Just look at the stunning broach right in the center, jewels scattered throughout her dress, silver purse and shoes!

Credit: Donna Ward/Getty Images

She may lean more towards the simple and chic end of the fashion spectrum. But, she’s letting us know with the silver accessories and embellishments that she lives for a bit of sparkle here and there, too. All we can say is, “Slay, Elisabeth. Slay.”

We’re totally looking forward to seeing more vintage moments from this starlet on the carpet sometime soon. She rocked this classic trend like no other.

Oh, and if you don’t have any luck finding a piece of vintage goodness in your grandmother’s stock, totally try finding some at local thrift stores. You’d be surprised the treasures you can find for just a few bucks!