Rachel Sanoff
August 23, 2016 4:14 pm

Accessories are, arguably, the most important part of any outfit, and ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon show Doug is, factually, the most important program to ever air on television. It only makes sense that fashion and the greatest era of animation would merge to create something brilliant.

Thankfully, the skillful DIY artisans of Etsy know exactly what Golden Age of Nickelodeon-raised fashion plates need on their denim jackets and purses.

Next time your outfit begs for a little pizzazz, your favorite cartoon squad will be there to help:

Represent your ~beatnik kween~

RIotCreeps / www.etsy.com

With this brooch by RiotCreeps, you can proudly wear the face of Judy Funnie — the teen who taught you everything to know about poetry and undercuts.

The baddest bitch 4ever deserves a spot on your lapel.

FantasticalFunShop / www.etsy.com

FantasticalFunShop honors our teen queen, too.

The coolest burger joint in the world may be fictional, but at least this pin is real!

TheSilverSpider / www.etsy.com

This pin from TheSilverSpider is too good.

Patti Mayonnaise, as angelic as ever.

RiotCreepts / www.etsy.com

RiotCreeps back at it again with the Nickelodeon divas. <3 Patti  Mayonnaise

Y’all, it’s Patti’s face on a jar of mayonnaise. Tell me you’re not buying this — I dare you.

kreeplord / www.etsy.com

kreeplord killing the wordplay game.

The most super superheroes of them all.

DesignsByDonnyLLC / www.etsy.com

DesignsByDonnyLLC pays homage to Doug and Porkchop, or Quailman and Quaildog — our dynamic duo.

Doug taught you to have the raddest taste in music.

GMarshallArts / www.etsy.com

Oooh-eee-ooh KILLER TOFU will be stuck in your head all day when you wear this pin from GMarshallArts — and you’ll be GRATEFUL.

Roger Klotz, Skeeter, The Beets, and more… basically, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one accessory when you get dressed in the morning.

DoNotWearShoes / www.etsy.com

This variety pack of buttons by DoNotWearShoes is the stuff of dreams.

The ultimate bad boy

LazloCreations / www.etsy.com

Roger Klotz may have been a bully, but this pin by LazloCreations is pretty badass.

<3 <3 <3