If you have ever read Jane Austen, I guarantee you have, at least once, dreamt of being a 19th century gentleman’s daughter; maybe the only sensible one among a pushy mother, very silly sisters and quite a few swoon-worthy (and eligible!) men in waistcoats and riding boots. Believe me, I’ve been there. And then you wake up to find yourself sitting in your tiny bed, in your tiny apartment, with a new tea stain on your cozy sweater. I’ve been there, too.

My mother introduced me to Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice when I was just a little girl, but since then I’ve been waiting to put on my long gown with puffed sleeves and meet my very own Mr. Darcy, complete with brooding good looks, a British accent and Pemberley to his name. I soon realized that I might have to wait a little longer for this dream to come true. But I found a way to make the wait a whole lot better.

I’ve been making Regency period-inspired DIY projects for over a year, and I’m so excited to be sharing them with all of you! All of my crafts are very, very easy- all you are really going to need is some glue, some ribbon and a desire to be transported. I absolutely love the romance of the period- from the lace and pastels to afternoon tea to Jane’s beautiful insights about love and relationships. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot of Lizzy and Darcy here! I hope that these projects will make your daydreams even more magical.

Today’s DIY let’s you indulge in your daydreams to the fullest! Whip up a new addition to your accessory collection in less than 10 minutes with this easy regency-inspired bonnet. This cute little hat is feminine, vintage, and quirky- perfect for the Jane Austen super-fans. You’ll be feeling like Lizzy in no time.


  1. Straw hat (Now that the weather is getting cooler, these are on sale everywhere. I got mine from Urban Outfitters for $3).
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. Glue gun
  4. Scissors
  5. Marker or pencil
  6. Any other embellishments you like (you are a gentleman’s daughter, of course!)


  1. Find a clean surface to work on and lay your hat down flat
  2. Mark the triangular shape that you will be cutting out (cut where dashed lines indicate)
  1. Cut it out and try your bonnet on. If you need to make the cut wider, go ahead and cut a little bit form each side.
  2. Glue the ribbon around the rim of the hat
  3. Add some cute button or a sparky broach.
  4. Wear your new bonnet nice and proud!

A little inspiration: For the full immersion into 1800s society, wear your hat to a picnic in the park to transform yourself into your favorite Jane Austen leading lady! Pack a lunch, complete with cucumber tea sandwiches, some fruit and lemonade, and grab your favorite Austen classic, a blanket and your bestie. Don’t forget a fun soundtrack! When you get to the park, don’t sit on the picnic tables, find a quiet spot under a shaded tree and let your imagination run wild! Bonus points if you talk in British accents.