Look TV
November 06, 2013 1:00 pm

A jean jacket is a classic but looks so boring straight from the store! No need to spend mega bucks on an embellished one, just DIY it. Watch our three tricks to make a denim jacket a couture piece. Mix and match them to customize your own look!

– Jean Jacket
– 5 ft of chain
– Pyramid studs in Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, XL (Joyce Trimming)
– Needle + gold thread
– Scissors
– Pliers

Step 1: Age the jacket with scissors
-repeatedly run blade over edges
-snip between edge and hem to encourage fraying
-scratch, scratch, scratch!

Step 2: Drape chains, attach with gold thread.
Step 3: Add studs down the arm in descending size: Large to small
Step 4: Enjoy!

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