DIY Gibson Hair Tutorial

This vintage inspired hair-do known as the Gibson, Gibson Roll or Gibson Tuck was all too appropriate to demo for you all in this authentic and historic Victorian house (where they shot Charmed!). Watch the video above for the full step by step; I think this hairstyle would be perfect for a variety of occasions: a wedding, event, prom, casual day hair, bad hair day do, etc!

Prep It:

  • Bobby pins
  • A comb

DO IT! (to classical music in a vintage costume optional):

  1. Using your comb, part your hair on the side.
  2. Start twisting your hair at the hairline and gather hair as you go, following the hairline..
  3. Stop at the back of the opposite ear.
  4. Repeat step 1, twisting the other side of your hair to meet.
  5. Twist the length of your hair and fold it back across the nape of your neck, tucking into the roll (to hide the excess hair) and securing with pins.
  6. You look like a magical princess, now have a magical day!

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