DIY Flapper Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and the only way to ensure a unique costume is to DIY it!

The Great Gatsby is pure fashion eye candy. Have a glam Halloween by dressing up as a flapper a la Daisy Buchanan. DIY a few key accessories, and throw on a sparkly dress and you’ll be looking like a million bucks, old sport.

Materials: – 1 Feather Boa – Matching velvet ribbon – 2 Crystal brooches – Fake pearl necklaces – Clear beading elastic – DIY Deco headpiece – Hot glue gun – Scissors – Sparkly dress

Step 1: Fold the boa and half and tie together in a few places Step 2: Attach ribbon at both ends Step 3: Measure pearls on hand and attach brooches Step 4: Follow our tutorial to DIY a flapper headpiece (DIY it here!) Step 5: Follow our 1920s makeup (create the look here!) & hair tutorial (create the look here!) Step 6: Throw it all over a sparkly dress and viola! You’re Gatsby worthy!

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