Updated September 24, 2017 7:58 am
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We know — you had the perfect Halloween costume idea for your kid, and had the Pinterest board all organized. Then they decided they wanted to dress up as Elsa. Or Darth Vader. Or Buzz Lightyear, or any other Disney or Marvel character whose look you could never, ever hope to recreate with a trip to Michael’s and a glue gun.

It’s OK. You can don’t have to pay full price for one of these popular Halloween costumes. The Disney Store is having a big sale right, with $10 to $15 off a wide range of Halloween costumes. There is also a separate sale with 40% off certain items with the code BONUS40, now through Monday, September 25.

There are deals on dozens of costumes, from Marvel superheroes to singing princesses to Disney classics like Captain Hook and Minnie. And you’ll get your money’s worth, if the tiny humans that populate my life are any indication. They’ll be begging to wear that costume from the minute it comes in the door: For school, to bed, on family camping trips, etc.

So get to clicking while the sale is happening — maybe just hide the box until after picture day at school, just to be safe. Here are just a few of the items on sale right now.

Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Costume for Kids ($34.95-$39.95, down from $44.95-$49.95)

Belle Costume Collection for Kids ($44.95-$49.95 for dress, down from $59.95-$64.95; $12.99 for accessory set, down from $29.95)

Tiana Costume for Kids ($34.95-$39.95, down from $44.95-$49.95)

Captain Hook Costume for Kids ($34.95-$39.95, down from $44.95-$49.95)

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