Sarah Terry
Updated Sep 07, 2016 @ 4:08 pm
Credit: Cara Marie Piazza / Facebook

When all the flowers are done being used at a wedding, where do they go? Unfortunately, the answer is that most often, they’re thrown into the trash. It’s such a waste, but we don’t really have much use for flowers once they start to wilt. However, one artist, Cara Marie Piazza, is coming to the floral rescue and finding an absolutely beautiful use for our tossed off flowers.

Cara Marie Piazza is using flowers to make incredible clothes that we want to wear.

Marie is a natural dyer, and she uses the rich colors in flower petals to dye clothes. She told the Huffington Post, “If I weren’t taking these flowers they would probably go in the garbage. The second a flower begins to wilt, it won’t have a good shelf life for the customer, who is unfortunately concerned with the perfection of a first blooming flower.”

Enter Cara, who is creating some incredible colors with her natural dyes.

Look at that beautiful obmre pattern, and we love how vibrant the colors are. Some people might not think that natural dyes can achieve that brightness, but Marie proves them wrong.

When asked why she uses natural dyes, Marie explains to Huffington Post, “Synthetic dyes and synthetic dye houses pollute water streams, creating toxic environments for the eco-system. Synthetic dyes also contain known carcinogens such as formaldehyde, heavy metals such as zinc and chrome as well as dioxin, which is thought to be a hormone disrupter.”

She also adds that there’s more of a psychological benefit as well, especially because she makes her clothes in Brooklyn. She explains, “In a city where everything is so loud and busy all the time, sometimes it’s just nice to feel something that was dyed with nature and was made with love.”

Besides making beautiful clothes, Cara’s goal is to empower people to be a little more conscious of their effects on the planet.

She insists that the dye work she does can be done in any home, although we’re not sure that our bathrooms would appreciate all the stains that might come of dyeing our clothes. She even hosts events where she teaches people to dye. Cara also offers a service where she uses the flowers from a bride’s wedding to create a custom kimono for her, which we think is a fab idea.

We don’t have any flowers to dye with right now, so in the meantime, we’ll just stare at her clothes.